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Benano 3D Camera

Advance Structured lighting projector/s snap shot cameras design to meet the challenge of the most sophisticated 3D imaging demand.

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Entry level , Easy to use complete Stereo 3D camera with DLP projector

One-eye Structured Light 3D Scanner in a compact size with various FOV choices and applications.

Stereo cameras with projecting structured light minimised occlusion and interference from reflection.

The Most Advance Telecentric 3D snapshot module with extremely high precision

High Accuracy

We provide high accuracy and high-resolution image by advanced optical and algorithm design.

High Adaptability

Optimized 3D algorithm provides stable results to meet diversified conditions.

Full Frame Scan

Special designed spatial encoding technology which provides full FOV 3D information.

Hyper DOF

BENANO’s exclusive spatial encoding algorithm deepen the DOF, perfectly reconstruct 3D information even the image is blur.

FOV (mm)DOF/Range (mm)Resolution (MP)Resolution per pixel(um)Z-Resolution(um)WD/Clearance (mm)Max Speed (FPS)
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-5M-15-0.536 x 26265150.50675.0
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-5M-32-1.077 x 54555321.001145.0
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-5M-62-2.7151 x 1071065622.702555.0
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-5M-50-1.3110 x 80 10 5----
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-20M-20-1.0100 x 60 10 20----
Benano DUE 3D CamerasV2B-D-20M-35-1.0170 x 1002520----
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-10-0.524.5 x 20.5205100.501154.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-15-0.736.7 x 30.7305150.701154.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-5M-10-0.524.5 x 20.5205100.50902.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-5M-15-0.736.7 x 30.7305150.701552.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-12M-15-1.261.7 x 45.11012151.201252.5
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-12M-3.45-0.113.8 x 10.36123.450.10352.5
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-25M-17-1.288.6 x 88.6102517.31.12-1.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-10-1.024 x 2010 510 1--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-15-1.036 x 30105151--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-12M-15-1.2-CX61 x 451012151.15--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-25M-10-0.752 x 52102510.4 0.7 --
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-65M-18-1.5150 x 120106517.81.5--
Benano UNO 3D CameraV2B-U-5M-90-10.2220 x 1751565----
Benano V2B-C2100 seriesV2B-C2100-05055 x 33341----
Benano V2B-C2100 seriesV2B-C2100-200220 x 1401401----

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