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Benano OTTO 3D Cameras

Advance Snapshot Telecentric 3D Cameras , design to meet the most demanding 3D imaging applications.

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  • Snapshot Advance 3D Scanner, no movement required.
  • Telecentric lens system without perspective error
  • Varieties of optical resolution & FOV ( 5M / 12M / 25M)
  • Powerful tool for BGA IC, Connector, Probe card inspection
  • Multiple-view 2D/3D hybrid module with developer friendly SDK
FOV (mm)DOF/Range (mm)Resolution (MP)Resolution per pixel(um)Z-Resolution(um)WD/Clearance (mm)Max Speed (FPS)
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-10-0.524.5 x 20.5205100.501154.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-15-0.736.7 x 30.7305150.701154.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-5M-10-0.524.5 x 20.5205100.50902.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-5M-15-0.736.7 x 30.7305150.701552.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-12M-15-1.261.7 x 45.11012151.201252.5
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-12M-3.45-0.113.8 x 10.36123.450.10352.5
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-25M-17-1.288.6 x 88.6102517.31.12-1.0
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-10-1.024 x 2010 510 1--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-5M-15-1.036 x 30105151--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O4-12M-15-1.2-CX61 x 451012151.15--
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-25M-10-0.752 x 52102510.4 0.7 --
Benano OTTO 3D CamerasV2B-O2-65M-18-1.5150 x 120106517.81.5--

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Main  >  Product  > 3D Cameras > Benano 3D Camera >  Benano OTTO 3D Cameras