Chromasens allPIXA wave Line Scan Camera

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CMOS Color Line Scan Camera allPIXA wave 15k

Introducing the world’s first quadlinear true color RGB line scan sensor in ultra-high resolution with up to 15360 pixels: the Chromasens allPIXA wave 15k camera. Deliver CCD image quality with CMOS performance, plus offer added system flexibility of increased scan line lengths up to 15k x 4 lines, along with line frequencies topping out at a maximum speed of 47.72 kHz at 850 megapixel/s.
allPIXA wave 10kCP000498-10k
allPIXA wave 10k monoCP000498-10k-M
allPIXA wave 15kCP000498-15k
allPIXA wave 15k monoCP000498-15k-M