VS-LTC Series

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VS-LTC Series

For sensors 21mm ~ 35mm long
Specially designed for large format line scan sensors
Adjustable DOF and contrast with iris control: 0.3x – 2.0x
Reduce shading
High Resolution, Contrast and Telecentricity
Bi-Telecentric lens models are available

ModelOpt. Mag.WD(mm)Co-ax lighting prismWorking F/#NAMore Info
VS-LTC03-130/FS0.3x130.2-5.770.026 More Info
VS-LTC04-100-21/FS0.4x95.2-4~32(Iris open)0.05More Info
VS-LTC05-130/FS0.5x132.9-4.570.055More Info
VS-LTC07-150/FS0.7x150.8-5.290.066More Info
VS-LTC1-130/FS1.0x131.5-6.250.08 More Info
VS-LTC075-70-35/FS0.75x70.2-5.40.07 More Info
VS-LTC075-70CO-35/FS0.75x70.2Built-in5.40.07 More Info
VS-LTC1-70-35/FS1.0x70.2-6.250.08 More Info
VS-LTC1-70CO-35/FS1.0x70.2Built-in6.250.08 More Info
VS-LTC2-70/FSN2.0x70.2-12.50.08 More Info
VS-LTC2-70CO/FSN2.0x70.2Built-in12.50.08 More Info
VS-LTC2-60/FS2.0x60-9.10.11 More Info
VS-LTC3.3-45/FS3.3x45-19.20.086 More Info
VS-LTC4-50CO-28/F4.0x52.4Built-in200.1 More Info
VS-LTC5-50CO-28/F5.0x51.5Built-in250.1 More Info
VS-LTC6-50CO-28/F6.0x50.9Built-in300.1 More Info
VS-LTC7-50CO-28/F7.0x50.5Built-in350.1 More Info

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