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VS-TCH Series, this telecentric lens series designed for WD65, 110mm and Mega Pixel Sensors with high resolution for use in variety of machine vision applications.
Distortionless images and light intensity differences.
This series can accommodate Mega Pixel Cameras with low distortion and high contrast.


  High Resolution Telecentric Lens Long WD series
Optical Mag.×0.8±5%
2/3"8.3x11.0 mm
FOV (VxH)1/2"6x8.0 mm
1/3"4.5x6.0 mm
WD110.7±3.3 mm
O/I (Object & Imager Distance)256.7 mm
Working F/#10.95
Resolution *at λ550nm9.32μ
DOF at PCoC φ0.04mm1.37 mm
TV distortion (max.)0.0002
Relative illuminance(2/3")99.0 %
WavelengthVisible (400nm - 700nm)
Camera MountC-mount
Flange Back17.526 mm
Sensor size (max.)2/3"
Co-axial prism-
Weight (approx.)93g
DimensionΦ 30 (MAX) × L=128.5 mm


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