VS-THV(1.1) Series

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VS-THV(1.1) Series

High Resolution Telecentric Lens for 1.1″ Format (3.45um)
Equal Object to Image Distance (O/I) Across All Mag. Models


・ Optimized for 1.1″ 3.45um Cameras
・ Equal Object to Image Distance (O/I) Across All Models ・ 0.5x/0.8x/1.0x/2.0x Magnification Options
・ Built-In Coaxial Illumination Available
・ Manual Iris to Adjust Depth of Field (DOF)

VS-THV(WD:150mm) series
4 Mag. Options: 0.5x/0.8x/1.0x/2.0x

Equal Object to Image Distance (O/I) Optical Design

ModelMagnificationWorking DistanceObject/imager DistanceDimensionSensor size Supported
VS-THV05-150/S0.5x152mm400mmφ58 x L=230.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV05-150CO/S0.5x152mm400mmφ58 x L=230.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV08-150/S0.8x150mm400mmφ52 x L=232.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV08-150CO/S0.8x150mm400mmφ52 x L=232.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV1-150/S1.0x150mm400mmφ52 x L=232.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV1-150CO/S1.0x150mm400mmφ52 x L=232.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV2-150/S2.0x152mm400mmφ55 x L=230.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)
VS-THV2-150CO/S2.0x152mm400mmφ55 x L=230.5mm1.1(" φ17.6)