LLD Series

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Low Distortion Macro Lenses

LLD Series

Supports up to 4/3” and C- mount camera
Designed for Distortionless and High resolution machine vision macro lens
9 product line (f# range : 10mm-50mm) covers various angles of view
Floating system improves high performance with any magnification
Reduced shading

Machine Vision Lenses Lens

What is floating system?

Normal lenses shift just a single group of elements for focusing. Additional floating elements (see picture below) can improve the close-focus performance significantly. Because the floating component is separate to the focusing lens group, aberrations caused by lens extensions are significantly reduced. Benefits are particularly great in macro lenses because they cover a wide range of focus distances and in wide-angle.

Lens with Floating System Design

Normal Lens

Model NameFocal Length (mm)FloatingF-no(∞)Magnification RangeRemarks
VS-LLD10102.8(∞) 0.05x- 0.15xMore Info
VS-LLD12.512.52.0-2.5(∞) 0.05x- 0.2xMore Info
VS-LLD15152(∞) 0.05x- 0.2xMore Info
VS-LLD18182(∞) 0.05x- 0.25xMore Info
VS-LLD20202(∞) 0.05x- 0.25xMore Info
VS-LLD25252(∞) 0.05x- 0.3xMore Info
VS-LLD30302(∞) 0.05x- 0.3xMore Info
VS-LLD35352(∞) 0.05x- 0.3xMore Info
VS-LLD50502(∞) 0.05x- 0.3xMore Info

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