SWIR Area Scan Cameras

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SWIR Area Scan Cameras

For the past years, the SWIR band has been recognized as one of the best wavelength regions for semiconductor inspection. Whether it is for detecting cracks and defect on a wafer or solar cell panels, or for achieving a failure analysis of integrated circuits, InGaAs wavelength (900m- 1700nm) imaging device are suited for seeing through inside silicon.

WiDy SWIR Camera Series

Enhanced Vision with
Wide Dynamic Range Technology

New Imaging Technologies is a French company pioneer in Wide Dynamic Range solutions.

With over 15 years of academic research and our patented MAGIC™ pixel technology, NIT has  master all the steps from the sensor design to complete camera engineering.

The  core is a  team of   experienced CMOS designers, all recognized experts in their felds, with a multi- disciplinary group of optical, mechanical and electronic engineers.

NIT ofers a complete portfolio of cameras and detectors embracing Visible, Intensifed

(I-CMOS) and SWIR technology. NIT serves various markets such as machine vision,

instrumentation, night vision, biometrics…

NIT also proposes fexible solutions and custom designs to best ft your specifc requirements.

The WiDy Family

A full range of SWIR InGaAs-based cameras for your applications


  • The WiDy family is a complete line of InGaAs cameras designed to perform in multiple applications with an unmatched performance/price ratio.
  • Equipped with NIT proprietary InGaAs sensors, the NIT WiDy cameras offers natively High Dynamic Range and high-quality SWIR images in all lighting conditions.
  • Easy to integrate thanks the different form factors, NIT WiDy are available in a broad range of output, from USB3.0 to GigE including CameraLink and analog output.

WiDySens Series

High-end SWIR camera series with dual mode InGaAs sensor (Linear & Logarithmic): easy-to-use, best trade-off on market between High sensitivity & High Dynamic Range available with USB 3.0 (WiDyVISION), CameraLink (WiDyCAM) interface and GigE* (coming soon)


  •  VGA resolution

  • High Sensitivity and HDR

  • Gated Imaging option

WiDy SWIR Series

Plug-and-play InGaAs cameras featuring NIT patented HDR technology (120dB), TECless, various output options delivered with proprietary software and SDK: USB3.0 (WiDyVISION), CameraLink (WiDyCAM), Analog (WiDyCirene control using RS232 port) and GigE versions.


  • QVGA to VGA resolution

  • TECless & HDR 120dB

  • Gated Imaging option (VGA)

  • Cost effective solutions

WiDy Nano Series

All NIT InGaAs advanced technologies in a compact package (30x30x40), easy to install and integrate into any system, TECless, USB 3.0 interface delivered with WiDyVISION software.


  • Miniature SWIR module
  • High Dynamic Range up to 120dB
  • High QE InGaAs (>70%) from 900 to 1700nm
  • VGA resolution, 640x512pixels
  • Bad Pixels Replacement
  • Smart Non Uniformity Correction
  • USB 3.0 Interface

Native WDR Technology

What does Native WDR technology means?


Native WDR technology refers to NIT proprietary pixel design which operates in voltage domain as opposed to charge domain like traditional photodiodes. The Native WDR technology allows to design and build a variety of imaging sensors, operating in various wavelengths – visible, infrared and UV – which have the unique property of delivering an intrinsic large dynamic of more than 140dB.



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