VS-MC Series

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Vibration Resistant Distortionless Lenses

VS-MC Series

Robust design for vibration resistance
For VGA ~3 Megapixel sensors
Compact & Simple for machine use
Distortionless and Reduced shading
Different F/# version available for VS-MC4~75:Open, F5.6 or F8

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Vibration test result by
high speed vibration machine

From 9.9Hz to 1000Hz (approx.3 minutes interval)

*The test result is caused by the hard test for destructive purpose.
ModelnameOpt. Mag.WD(mm)Working F/#FOV (VxHmm)TV DistortionSensor SizeWeightRemarks
VS-MC0240.25x~0.5x213.3 ~ 121.24~4.826.4x35.2 ~ 13.2x17.6(2/3")~0.1%2/3”More Info
VS-MC024S0.25x~0.5x210.4 ~ 118.34~4.826.4x35.2 ~ 13.2x17.6(2/3")~0.1%2/3”More Info
VS-MC05100.5x~1.0x121.3 ~ 75.34.8~6.413.2x17.6 ~6.6x8.8(2/3")~-0.01%2/3”More Info
VS-MC0510S0.5x~1.0x118.4 ~ 72.44.8~6.413.2x17.6 ~6.6x8.8(2/3")~-0.01%2/3”More Info
VS-MC0510-x0.5x~1.0x121.3~75.3More Info
VS-MC40.01x~0.04x404.1~”60gMore Info
VS-MC6.50.01x~0.06x631.5~”60gMore Info
VS-MC100.02x~0.15x502.8~”55gMore Info
VS-MC150.03x~0.3x492.2~”42gMore Info
VS-MC200.04x~0.4x516.5~”47gMore Info
VS-MC25N0.05x~0.5x513.9~"50gMore Info
VS-MC300.06x~0.45x514.6~”49gMore Info
VS-MC350.26x~0.65x163.5~82.72.39~-0.03%2/3”70gMore Info
VS-MC500.08x~0.48x625.8~121.12.65~-0.05%2/3”90gMore Info
VS-MC750.14x~0.62x563~153.84.34~-0.02%2/3”120gMore Info