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This is an affordable lens with good imaging performance and optimal performance.

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Product CategoryModel NameDescription
MeVis-C0020-005-000-40MeVis-C 1.8/12
MeVis-C0020-004-000-40MeVis-C 1.6/16
MeVis-C0020-002-000-40MeVis-C 1.6/25
MeVis-C0020-001-000-40MeVis-C 1.6/35
MeVis-C0020-003-000-40MeVis-C 1.8/50
MeVis-CF0020-009-000-20MeVis-CF 1.6/16
MeVis-CF0020-009-000-21MeVis-CF 2.8/16
MeVis-CF0020-009-000-22MeVis-CF 4.0/16
MeVis-CF0020-007-000-20MeVis-CF 1.6/25
MeVis-CF0020-007-000-21MeVis-CF 4.0/25
MeVis-CF0020-007-000-22MeVis-CF 2.8/25
MeVis-CF0020-008-000-20MeVis-CF 1.6/35
MeVis-CF0020-008-000-21MeVis-CF 2.8/35
MeVis-CF0020-008-000-22MeVis-CF 4.0/35
MeVis-CF0020-010-000-20MeVis-CF 1.8/50
MeVis-CF0020-010-000-21MeVis-CF 2.8/50
MeVis-CF0020-010-000-22MeVis-CF 4.0/50
MeVis-C/CF Traffic0020-002-000-45MeVis-C traffic 1.6/25
MeVis-C/CF Traffic0020-007-000-30MeVis-CF traffic 1.6/25
Inspec.x M0009-243-000-40inspec.x M 1.4/50
Inspec.x M0009-243-000-42inspec.x M NIR 1.4/50
Inspec.x L 5.6/1050703-085-000-20inspec.x L 5.6/105 -0.33x
Inspec.x L 5.6/1060703-084-000-20inspec.x L 5.6/105 -0.5x
Inspec.x L 5.6/1070703-083-000-20inspec.x L 5.6/105 -0.76x
Inspec.x L 5.6/1080703-082-000-20inspec.x L 5.6/105 -1.0x
Inspec.x L float0703-114-000-20inspec.x L 5.6/105 float 0.3x...3.0x
Inspec.x L float0703-116-000-21inspec.x: L 5.6/120 float 0.06x...0.52x
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-095-000-21inspec.x L 4.0/105 -3.5x
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-102-000-20inspec.x L 3.5/105 -5.0x
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-104-000-20inspec.x L 4.0/105 -3.0x
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-105-000-20inspec.x L 4.0/105 -3.0x prism
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-107-000-20inspec.x L 4.0/105 -3.5x prism
Inspec.x L 4/1050703-108-000-20inspec.x L 3.5/105 -5.0x prism
Prism Modules and Area Scan Modules0703-107-824-00Inspec.x L prism module
Prism Modules and Area Scan Modules0703-130-823-00d.fine HR prism module
Prism Modules and Area Scan Modules0703-130-825-00d.fine HR area scan module
Inspec.x L 4/60 and 4/1000019-002-000-50inspec.x L 4.0/60
Inspec.x L 4/60 and 4/1010019-003-000-50inspec.x L 4.0/100
d.fine HR 2.4/1280703-134-000-20d.fine HR 2.4/128
Flo.xG612-149-000flo.x 2.8/3.35
Apo-Rodagon HR0703-109-000-20Apo-Rodagon HR 5.6/75 -0.5x
Apo-Rodagon HR0703-109-000-21Apo-Rodagon HR 8.0/75 -0.5x
Rodagon F0703-090-000-25Rodagon-F 4.0/40
Rodagon F0703-090-000-26Rodagon-F 5.6/40
Rodagon F0703-090-000-27Rodagon-F 8.0/40
Rodagon F0703-089-000-24Rodagon-F 2.8/50
Rodagon F0703-089-000-25Rodagon-F 4.0/50
Rodagon F0703-089-000-26Rodagon-F 5.6/50
Rodagon F0703-087-000-25Rodagon-F 4.0/60
Rodagon F0703-087-000-26Rodagon-F 5.6/60
Rodagon F0703-087-000-27Rodgaon-F 8.0/60
Rodagon M420703-118-000-25Rodagon-M42 4.0/40
Rodagon M430703-118-000-26Rodagon-M42 5.6/40
Rodagon M440703-118-000-27Rodagon-M42 8/40
Rodagon M450703-119-000-24Rodagon-M42 2.8/50
Rodagon M460703-119-000-25Rodagon-M42 4/50
Rodagon M470703-119-000-26Rodagon-M42 5.6/50
Rodagon M480703-120-000-25Rodagon-M42 4/60
Rodagon M490703-120-000-26Rodagon-M42 5.6/60
Rodagon M500703-120-000-27Rodagon-M42 8/60
APO-Rodagon D0703-005-000-40Apo-Rodagon D 4.0/75 1x
APO-Rodagon D0703-028-000-21Apo-Rodagon D 4.5/75 2x
APO-Rodagon D0703-043-000-22Apo-Rodagon-D 5.6/120 2x metal
APO-Rodagon D0703-043-000-20Apo-Rodagon D 5.6/120 2x
Apo-Rodagon-N0701-349-000-40Apo-Rodagon N 2.8/50
Apo-Rodagon-N0703-092-000-40Apo-Rodagon N 4.0/80
Apo-Rodagon-N0703-094-000-20Apo-Rodagon N 4.0/90
Apo-Rodagon-N0703-096-000-40Apo-Rodagon N 4.0/105
Apo-Rodagon-N0703-096-000-41Apo-Rodagon-N 4.0/105 metal
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-389-000-20Rodagon 2.8/28
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-401-000-40Rodagon 4.0/35
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-345-000-40Rodagon 2.8/50
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-393-000-40Rodagon 4.0/60
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-393-000-43Rodagon 4/60 Azimuth
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-391-000-40Rodagon 4.0/80
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-391-000-42Rodagon 4/80 Azimuth
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-391-000-44Rodagon 4/80 full metal
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-394-000-40Rodagon 5.6/105
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-394-000-41Rodagon 5.6/105 Azimuth
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-394-000-42Rodagon 5.6/105 full metal
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-398-000-40Rodagon 5.6/135
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-399-000-40Rodagon WA 4.0/40
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-399-000-42Rodagon-WA 4/40 full metal
Rodagon, Rodagon-WA0701-276-000-40Rodagon WA 4.0/60
Rogonar-S0801-397-000-40Rogonar-S 2.8/50
Rogonar-S0801-324-000-40Rogonar-S 4.5/60
Rogonar-S0801-325-000-40Rogonar-S 4.5/75
Rogonar-S0801-325-000-41Rogonar-S 4.5/75 metal
Rogonar-S0801-398-000-41Rogonar-S 4.5/90
Macro CCD Lenses0009-190-000-40Macro CCD lens 0.3x f/3.5
Macro CCD Lenses0009-190-000-41Macro CCD lens 0.3x f/5.6
Macro CCD Lenses0009-191-000-40Macro CCD lens 0.5x f/5.6
Macro CCD Lenses0009-191-000-41Macro CCD lens 0.5x f/8.0
Macro CCD Lenses0009-192-000-41Macro CCD lens 1x f/4.0
Macro CCD Lenses0009-192-000-42Macro CCD lens 1x f/5.6
Macro CCD Lenses0009-193-000-40Macro CCD lens 2x
Macro CCD Lenses0009-194-000-40Macro CCD lens 4x
Compact Objectives101083910Compact objective 8.3 mm f/2.8
Compact Objectives101092910Compact objective 9.2 mm f/2.8
Compact Objectives101120912Compact objective 12 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101140910Compact objective 14 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101150910Compact objective 15 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101165910Compact objective 16.5 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101185910Compact objective 18.5 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101200910Compact objective 20 mm f/3
Compact Objectives101225910Compact objective 22.5 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101250910Compact objective 25 mm f/3
Compact Objectives101266910Compact objective 26.6 mm f/4
Compact Objectives101277910Compact objective 27.7 mm f/3
Compact Objectives101300900Compact objective 30 mm f/3.5
Compact Objectives101360910Compact objective 36 mm f/4
Compact Objectives101440910Compact objective 44 mm f/4.5
Compact Objectives101730910Compact objective 73 mm f/4.5
FishEye Objective 190°103030910FishEye 190° M16
FishEye Objective 190°103030912FishEye 190° M12

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